Pushing Your Older Adults Hard Enough - Scientific Exercise Prescription

Date: 26-27 March, 2018
Venue: Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel - Kuwait
Time: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Attendance Fees: KD. 30
(Late fees of KD. 40 will apply from March 01, 2018)

Conducted By:
Dr. Marilyn Moffat PT, DPT, PhD, DSc (hon), GCS, CSCS, CEEAA, FAPTA
Professor Physical Therapy, New York University


This two-day course will encompass both didactic and laboratory practice sessions to enhance knowledge and skill in the pushing your aging adults hard enough.

The number of aging adults will increase dramatically in the next 2 decades, and the number of aging adults with impairments, functional limitations, participation restrictions, and disability will affect physical therapist (PT) practice. Exercise is the single most effective intervention physical therapists can use to positively impact these changes in the aging patient/client. With more aging adults seeking PT services, it will become imperative to maximize the results of PT interventions and capitalize upon the opportunities presented.

The course will provide functional tests and measures for aging adults in the areas of aerobic capacity/endurance, anthropometric characteristics, balance, gait, mobility, mental function, muscle performance, posture, range of motion, and sensory integrity with normative data to provide evidence-based baseline information to support the need for interventions. The interventions should be supported by research for best practice. The course will provide the knowledge needed for scientifically prescribing safe and effective exercise prescriptions of appropriate intensity for aging adults in the areas of aerobic conditioning/endurance training, balance, coordination, and agility training; posture training; flexibility training; gait and locomotion training; and muscle performance training (strength, power, endurance).


The increasing aging populations in almost every country around the world provide many challenges and opportunities for physical therapists. With increasing longevity physical therapists have the opportunity to capitalize on keeping this graying tsunami on the one hand healthy and well and on the other hand returning those with activity limitations and participation restrictions to optimum health and function.



Day 1 – Functional Examination (times subject to change)

12:00-1:00 Lunch

Day 2 – Exercise Prescription (times subject to change)

12:00-1:00 Lunch